Friday, December 03, 2004

Having fun yet?

Hey this is kinda fun! I Never thought sharing random thoughts with complete strangers online can be such a liberating experience. Its kinda like voyeurism and exhibitionism without the nudity.. hmmm.. nudity.. we'll get to that later..

Work sucks today, thinking of going home earlier.. or join on a Friday nite drinking binge. Too unmotivated to do either.. this has to be the most depressing blog yet. Shit.. so much for being early today its already 6pm dammit..

Thought of the day? I'll tell you if I actually have one..


Waaah... my first blog...

Read in the papers that the word BLOG is the most popular word looked up in the online dictionary.

Nothing much to write about today, just thought I'd give this a shot and see if I can discipline myself to write this regularly. Sounds tough.

See.. I am getting bored already. Plus too sleepy to write, had half a loaf of bread for lunch today. And maybe the carbs in my stomach is making me sleepy.

I should take a nap.