Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Farewell these lands and northern sky

Farewell these lands and northern sky,
and soft green grass that I once lie-
to cold sharp winds and the icy curse,
farewell to sounds of joyful mirth.
For here awhile my heart did run,
beneath the moon, beneath the sun.
Away from guards, on my own path
to form the shadows that I now cast.

Farewell these eyes of angel's light,
that kept me warm on lonely nights,
which time and time had put a smile
even it was for just a while.
For time had gifted me with friends,
whose gentle ways are heaven sent-
unknown to many about the Earth,
like the warming heat of a lighted hearth.

Rizal Repin
Copyright ©2006 Rizal Repin

Monday, February 27, 2006


Current time: 7:16pm

What am I wearing:
Dark blue/grey shirt, blue tie with yellow key links, black pants, and I don't remember what underwear I am wearing.

Something out of ordinary on my desk:
A baseball, box of junk, Tongkat Ali energy drink, and too many stacks of paper that I can hardly see my desk.

Current fav song:
Baby one more time.. not the Britney version, but the other more alternative one. Can't help it, its stuck in my head.

Last phone call received:
From a trader regarding an LOI for a Q3 tender from Oman.

Current annoyance:
1) My wife who said I was whiny when I was down. I don't whine.
2) My boss for making my life miserable with this Oman tender. Ruining my life.

Plans for the evening:
1) Get this tender out of the way and tidy up the LOI tomorrow. Its not procedure but heck it, I cannot follow procedures every damn day.
2) Check out what's happening in the wonderful world of Lampe Berger.
3) Find some food in between that.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Expat Life?

Met a friend for lunch. She's been on holiday for 3 months, will probably spend the next 2 months looking for a job in Hong Kong. Yeah she's Malaysian, been working here for god knows how long. Longer than I have anyway. Next week will be her third time in Hong Kong, she last visited last month before the Chinese New Year. So it was a nearly spontaneous decision to move there - so suddenly, considering she just came back from her trip last week. Plus she's never had any interest in Hong Kong.

All this came about as she last went there. Met up some expat friends there, mostly single like her, their freedom and lifestyle was what she was looking for. We concluded after our hour long talk that life isn't about work. We have to learn to enjoy life as well - plus doing what we like.

The expat life apparently is very appealing. Expats generally stay together and party together. They see only the bright and happening part of the cities, and with their high income and no commitments - all they do in their free time is enjoy themselves. I remember reading somewhere that expat living in Asia are probably the luckiest. Singapore used to rate among the best place to work, including HK. I think nowadays Geneva or Zurich got the #1 spot in the world. Most of Asia are beyond the top ten.

I suppose it could be fun la.. when I was spending 6 months in Japan, it was alright, but not entirely appealing. Do I wish it could be longer? Yes I do. Do I want to live there for years and years or forever for that matter? No I don't.. maybe 3-5 years would be enough for me in Japan. Maybe I can stretch that to 7 years.. I don't know. I guess most expats have the same idea, people I've asked say they cannot imagine living in any one place for a long time. Which also includes their own country.

But to pick up and leave takes quite a bit of courage - or desperation I suppose. For single people with no commitments the expat life is a takeback to the college days, with freedom and friends, although now with improved finances. When you think of life, it's really the same wherever you are. I always like to ask people who are considering these drastic changes in their lives why they want to go. It is usually because they don't like the way their life is going, or they hate the way this government or that company is doing something, and eventually their reasoning will lead to them not liking something about their life. People choose to change because they want things to be better (common sense!). At this point it's good to consider one thing: you choose how your life is going to be. You choose if you want to be happy or not, the place doesn't really matter. Your happiness or your life depends on how you look at it and whether you want it to be happy. In the end, what we really need to change is our point of view.

New Poem

I like this poem..

In My Mind, You Loved Me

I've written letters in my mind
and mailed them all to you,
as I scribbled with feverish fingers
onto cheap store purchased stationery
spritzed with expensive perfume
I never dared to wear.

In my mind,
you would have responded
with soft words made of feathers
and with the words, 'I love you,'
expressed by x's and o's.

In my mind,
you would have spilled
your undying love to me,
with words Shakespeare would have written,
had he risen from the grave.

In my mind,
we would have sewn
our lips together with
metal-woven yarn,
and you wouldn't have seen
me as transparent--
and felt me like the wind.

-- Nicole Daily ( in respect of original author)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentines Day

Its the day after Valentine's day, I really wonder about how Malaysians view or celebrate Valentines. Don't think most know the significance or history of V-Day. One interesting comment made by our tea lady yesterday - she says February 14 is Hari Berkasih Sayang.. the malay version of V-Day I suppose. And I was lamenting to my colleague who was helping me find V-Day cards they don't have cards for just friends and office workers here. In the US Valentines is more of a day of appreciation than just a day for lovers to enjoy. So you can get a pack of cards - like we get CNY or Raya cards and just send to about everyone - just to show appreciation.

I was thinking of getting V cards for my staff in the office. It would have been great if most of the cards available were for either family members, lovers, wives, husbands or "special friend". What ever the heck that is.. I don't remember ever having a "special friend" when I was growing up. What's so special about the fler? Cacat ah? Admit lah.. girlfriend ke boyfriend ke.. no need beat around the mulberry bush.

A friend in the US also celebrates his birthday on Valentines. Kinda cool I guess. But he had a tiff with his preggers wife (must be mood swings) and didn't have such a fantastic Vday. Wished him well anyway.

The traffic in KL was horrendous. In fact it was raining between 4pm to 6pm. Heavy kitties and doggies type. So traffic was as usual backed up to the parking lots. So the moment you pull out of the spot you were in, you're in a jam. We made up a plan that next year we'd offer Tapau Valentine's day dinner. Have food with your loved ones in the car.. while in a jam. Make the most of the situation. Packages come with how to guides of "Making out in the Car", "Road Bullying and S&M", and our favourite "Car hopping Swingers". So many people were probably late for their dinner appointments. Plenty of break up opportunities.

At night while passing through the Beach Club area, it was about midnight and the place was as packed as a weekend. Mostly young kids walking in pairs - the hotel rooms would probably be full as well. And we lamented how after being with our respective other halves for over a year (and surviving the first Valentines) its no longer as big a deal as it was initially. He had dinner with his fiancee the day before (its cheaper and you have choices of what to eat). Instead of giving her flowers, he gave her his Beemer for the week (which was why he was hitching rides all the while). Fair trade I suppose. After all, love is about sacrifices anyway.