Monday, November 12, 2007

Lazy Daddy

I'm lazy yup.

Been meaning to update Sophie's blog lately but between work, surfing the web and playing games I've kinda put it off for a while. All the time I've also been resisting the temptation of putting more of her pics on my site since I want to keep this me. Not her. But alas, she's too cute to resist, and since blogger is so damn addictively easy to use trying to learn a new one like wordpress or making my own at her URL is getting to be a handful and too much of a hassle.

So here are some new pics:

The pics are about a week old I think. She's found her tongue and discovered her hands and feet recently. So the grabbing and tongue wagging has begun. Need to spend some quality time understanding the make of Wordpress and try again to get into the habit of posting her stuff there.