Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Ode to the Sea

Your blue waves welcome me,
that caress wet sands of white and gold
a touch of rain and seawater.
Grey clouds pass
your sea foams incessant
a slow march enveloping
the lover waiting in the rain.
Let the wind carry your voice
pass the coloured flags
over colored walls now white again
and whisper of the past.
your waves are now a roar
of voices distant and faint
and lonely as the moon.
yet the voices do not reach me
it comes only as a whisper, faint and dying
and the walls drift farther away;
and visions fade.
Please let them flow again,
those incessant foams: white against setting sun;
that I can rise again with each morning
always distant, but always there.

Copyright ©2016 Rizal Repin