Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Difficult days..

The 29th of May marked the day I walked out of the office for good. It was a difficult day, but one that has been looming for some time. I sent perhaps one of the most difficult emails I had to write, a final message for the friends I'm leaving behind.

I said that there was to be no goodbyes or farewells. I'm not that fond of goodbyes, they make me sad and that's the last thing I need now. The email was sent approximately at about 515pm, close to quitting time. After which I had to quickly leave, because the emotions were running a little high. I only came back later that night to quietly take my things and move on.

How can one say goodbye to ten years of memories? Everyone has become more like family rather than just friends. You love your family, and you don't leave the people you love. It's just not done.

On Saturday, just 4 days away I'll be leaving for Europe to begin my first week at the new company. It's just a familiarisation trip, and I still have little expectations, they probably have more to expect from me. I just hope my brain doesn't freeze up.

Definitely more to come.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Arriving at my New Island Home

Arriving at my new island home
I feel guiltily unexcited
Fitting that I should arrive at the harbour
Where fortunes have been made
Jewels and gems that I neither need nor want.
Then too quickly lost in all that is modern, efficient
But cold.
The drizzle follows me where I go,
As if rainclouds come from my arms
And my body - like the sky
White alabaster and grey dirty marble.
This is not my home.
But the strange humming of the driver
oddly calming
Like the lyrical singing of the Quran reader
Calling out sweetly and full of longing.