Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mother Teresa? I think not..

(Inspired by Ashkarya) There's no way anyone in their lifetimes could ever hope to accomplishing what Mother Teresa did. Here's my favorite Mother T story.. I don't care if you have heard about it..

One day Mother T was scouring the streets of Calcutta looking for alms and in particular food for the many mouths she has to feed at her abbey. She was literally begging for food. At one particular rich mansion, she stopped and asked the owner to please give her some food for her people. The rich man looked at her in disgust and spit into her hands. Instead of walking away, Mother T said to him, "Thank you, that was for me, now can you please give me some food for my people?"

Wow.. blew me away when I first heard it. I've been going through some major self discovery these last few weeks. In case anyone is wondering what I've been up to since the last Asiaworks posting, I've been attending company sponsored trainings and workshops. I am proud to say that I've now been thoroughly brainwashed by the company as they never fail to do at any of their trainings. So including Asiaworks - and the hell that was last month, I guess its been an eye opener.

What I did: 1) team building at Janda Baik - learned about leadership, confidence and that I can actually write and perform a decent Rap. 2) Leadership workshop for "high potential" staff at Mandarin O. Went through a psyche analysis (the first of 2) - learned about leadership and leaders and that I have a particular mindset that kinda makes me feel very awkward being around other high performers.. maybe its because I'm 100% certain I'm out of the group next year? 3) Currently going through a leadership and self discovery program (with the Hays Institute) about what really motivates me.. what are my values.. what I am competent at.. what my boss thinks of me.. what I expected from my boss.. what my staff think of me.. what kind of climate do I create in the office.. AND AM I REALLY EFFECTIVE?

The answer to the last question was unfortunately .. not really. In fact most of us aren't. I am going to try and summarise my learnings in the following postings. It was very interesting (but if I ever see another psychologist again I'll shoot myself). I know for sure now why I do anything.. I can see what makes me and others tick... or tock.

But psychologists aside.. my favorite leader is Martin Luther King and my least favorite leader is Donald Trump. Why? Money doesn't drive me.. I get turned on by passion and great oration, and I believe in equal rights. Bill Gates is too simple a person, a nice and philanthropic guy, but too simple. I can never emulate Mother T, Gandhi's passive resistance was just not passionate enough, both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are sleazes, Jack Welch is someone I look up to, a great leader and did a great job at GE - BUT not my favourite leader and Hellen Keller.. well I can never ever relate to what she went through. I was not deaf at 3.

However they were all great leaders in their own way. There are reasons why we choose the one we liked. Which one from that list is yours?