Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back in Brussels

Seems like I was just here right? Well actually it was June and there was just a big gap in between posts. I just got into Brussels today via a long train ride from Amsterdam, remind me to fly in next time. It was relatively easy getting through passport and customs today. A colleague on his first trip here commented that it was too easy, but a little scary. They just seemed like they wanted to hold you back, then decided to let you go.

Will be back next week in KL again. Baby's doing fine and I'm in the process of building her a webpage so there's a place for updates and pictures without me having to upload them here. Then at least anything Sophia related will be centralised. Her website and URL have already been selected, I'm in the process of choosing where the blog will be hosted.

Hehe... it's probably too early to give your daughter a website and own URL address, but she'll probably appreciate it when she's older. I predict domain names and online real estate will be tight by the time she grows up so it'll be good to book early. For instance, you can also get to this site by heading to

Meanwhile, here are some latest pictures: