Monday, July 28, 2008

Living with Sophie

She's such a big girl now, but having the girl around does slow down time a little and helps take my mind off work. She's recently been having some bad sleeping habits and waking up late nights thinking it was already morning.

Not sure how many times she woke up last night, but around 1-2am she thought it was morning and wanted to brush her teeth - I think we only got her to sleep after an hour. I got up around 6am today when Sophie did, she wanted to get up and crawl around - after showing her the sights outside the window we went back to her pallet and while I wanted to sleep again, she was intent on brushing her teeth.

So we did that and cleaned up, then went outside to her play area and started on her music books. I made her some bread and jam for breakfast and she ate while moving and playing around. Then later after her breakfast she found her shoes and wanted to put them on, she walked for a while before deciding it's faster to crawl (as it always happens) and started to get on the floor again.

Usually I get to sleep in and her mom will be doing all of this, but once in awhile it's daddy's turn. Anyway it's good to be able to play with her a little in the morning before the daily commute. After I got dressed, we had a group hug and she waved me off... typical morning...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sophia's 1st Birthday

The baby at one year, time flies...