Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Baby Names!

Here's a quick one. Wife and I were pondering baby names, while it may seem like a great idea that we wait until we know if its a boy or a girl before thinking (yes we're that lazy), a friend suggested we prepare for both!

Makes sense because you never really know until the baby is born, seriously, seems like there's a still a good chance that the earlier scans (no matter how many times it was taken) could be wrong. Maybe the eyes missed something. Anyway, I was told of her sister who apparently was told over and over again that it was a girl. A last minute scans, we're talking about the day before delivery kind of last minute, confirmed it was still a girl. Then voila, out came the birdie! Whoops! Luckily they were prepared for both.

We've seem to be able to come up with more girls names than boys. The score is at least 3 to 1. But because of disagreements its closer to 2-0. Yup so sad, can't think of a name for a boy. Not to say that we've cleared the names with the Parental Units either. Parental Unit M is nearly insistent on a "religious" name. We're pretty much thinking global. To me, its got to have a good meaning and doesn't spell or sound like anything horrible in any major foreign tongue. Don't know what the in-laws think, although I doubt they will be as picky as Unit M. Unit F doesn't really have much to say about it, as usual.

As an afterthought, yes I've quit my last job and will be taking on a new one in Singapore. Yay! Of course current company being what it is, I've got to slog through another 3 months because they are insisting on a 3 month notice. Weird thing is they still haven't taken me off any major decision making roles... I'm still doing what I was doing and have just been made in charge of another product. Maybe the whole thing hasn't really struck home for the bosses. We'll see what happens next week.

Felt: Free
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Heard: Barry White, Let's Get it On

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I've Quit...

So that's it. Watch this space, I'll fill in the details later.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Cuti Cuti Singapura

Wow, 17 days since my last post. Actually to me it was less, had a post that never made it. Drafted, thought wanted to edit a bit - changed my mind. Was in Singapore over the weekend and I though I have many things to write, time and rather risk of not finishing (like last post which never made it - like it makes a difference to you) means I will put it down in point form.

1. Sales are really good in Singapore. When they discount its a real discount and its actually stuff you want to buy, not the offsized, lemon green crumpled up mess of a shirt in the cheap bin. But nice stuff. Of course I could have just gotten lucky, but if anyone's been shopping in sales in KL may agree with me.

2. A little planning goes a long way. Everything is so organised. I've been down too many times to count. But its usually the day business trips, in and out in 8 hours kinda thing. So.. I have never really been "around" in Singapore. As in the tourist fashion. So its kinda fun. Of course you can probably cover the main attractions in 5 days (or less) the point is its amazingly well thought out. Locations, malls, public transport and even the converted old buildings are nice.

3. Cost of living is lower. Strangely yes. I thought it was stupid at first, but things are actually cheaper there if you were a SGD earner - dollar per dollar / don't convert. The only thing expensive is the housing and cars, that kicks the cost of living up a lot. Food and everything else is similar or lower. But some luxury imports are more expensive.

4. Lots of options for vegetarians. Didn't really notice this at first, but met a veggie friend there who said it was so. Then I begin to notice that there's at least 1 veggie only stall in every single foodcourt, this is not counting restaurants. Theory: we probably notice it more because a) its an island b) things are closer together.

Next trip will be in March, we're planning to watch Phantom of the Opera showing at the esplanade. Probably will be one of the last trips we take together as a vacation for the next year or so. I never did like the idea of travelling with infants.

Felt: Cautiously giddy
Seen: The Oscars
Read: Tom Holt

Friday, February 09, 2007

Baby Contract

Reading too many contracts and getting my head clogged up with jargons. This happens to us here a lot and we begin automatically replacing jargons for normal words. Here's a gag... what would a baby contract look like?

Buyer : Rizal And Pauline Inc. (Pauline and Rizal Co.)
Seller : God aka "higher being"
Duration : Evergreen with automatic renewal conditions
Product : Baby (gender undertermined) - CAS 600 600 644 644
Quantity : One
Quality : To be determined
Price : Oh you're so gonna pay
Payment : In advance
Delivery : Naturally, CFR
Shipment : ETA July 2007

Felt: Tired and hungry
Read: The Khairy Chronicles
Heard: El Grand Combo, Me Libere

Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Blog, New Baby

I wanted to start a new blog, got bored with this one. Seems it's not heading the way its supposed to head. My fault really, it is my blog, but its not ending up having the kind of content I originally wanted it to have. Maybe my writing is just crap. Or what I'm writing about is just crap.

Anyway, fiddled with blogger but can't really get it to change much without suffering through too much work. The templates are useful, but all these additional widgets are so damn confusing to install and never seem to work right. A redesign won't be too bad either.

If you've been following the wife's blog then the news has been out for a while. We're expecting a baby. Well I say WE, but really she's doing all the work. I just have to worry for both of us. When I tell people about the baby, the typical response would be,

"First one?"


Look for utter surprise and joy, "Wow, that's so great! Congratulations!"

Nod Nod Smile

"So when is she due?"


"Oh you must be so excited!"


Its been a blur actually. Or rather I've been blur. I usually think what's the appropriate response to some of these comments and I haven't come with anything that I think describes the actual feeling. "Nice, great, excited" doesn't really cut it. Although the phrase "heavy with anticipation" comes rather close. Or rather the simpler "overwhelmed".

So yes, WE will be a having a baby.